Marcy3COPY182KB Marcia (Marcy) Barton, a veteran educator with over forty years in public and private school classrooms, is a champion of design thinking and the ‘maker’ movement. Through her Master’s work in both curriculum and administration, and instructional technology, she has combined progressive education policy with innovation, capturing her ideas and experience in two books: Classroom for the Conceptual Age: Chronicles of an Integrated Exploratory Teacher, (2010) and Classroom for the Conceptual Age: A Developmental Approach to Design Thinking (2012). Recently retired, she has begun an educational consulting business, Integrated Exploratory21.org, LLC. She consults both locally and nationally, and has traveled internationally speaking about the success of her constructivist curriculum delivery model. She is currently on staff at the Ventana School in Los Altos, California as Director of Elementary Curriculum. In her capacity as K-5 faculty advisor and coach, she has successfully married her instinctively developed ‘Integrated Exploratory’ delivery model with the uncannily similar Reggio Emilia philosophy.


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